About us


CASE, which comes from the first two letters of our names, Caroline & Sébastien, consists of two Antwerp based youngsters both with an interest and passion for fashion. We are both very aware of the contemporary context and feel that change is needed in today's fashion industry. While many of us are already aware of the hugely polluting and disastrous impact of the fashion industry, not many are taking action. This is where we want to make a difference.

Our story began on the other side of the planet, more specifically, South-Korea. As we both have a profound interest in the world of fashion, a step towards creating something of our own was always a dream. During our time in Seoul, we had some ideas and upon our return we turned those into reality.

Taking inspiration from different cultures from mainly Asia, we tried to create a brand that creates pieces that are sustainable but can still give you that runaway look every time. Circularity in fashion has always been a problem, with CASE we try to close the loop again.

Many of us don't like how 'fast fashion' is still growing, we wanted to create a brand that has a soul and can be a part of the sustainable fashion world. By upcycling old shirts and giving them a new life with designer fabric, we try to make unique pieces that make you stand out. 

In a world where “a limited edition” makes you feel more unique, we try to deliver collections that will never be remade in the future. That way, you can be the proud owner of a CASE product. Each fabric we buy from our beloved Antwerp designers is often limited to a small piece of fabric which results in an even more exclusive amount of shirts and t-shirts. 

We hope you join us on our journey to make the fashion industry more sustainable and remember, Dare-2-Wear with CASE!