Our mission

Welcome to CASE!

We are young start up with a passion for sustainable fashion. We believe in a new approach to fashion where sustainability, quality and ethics go hand in hand. We are committed to make a positive change in the enormously polluting fast fashion industry and show that fashion and sustainability go perfectly together.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the impact of our production on the environment and people. We do this by choosing sustainable materials and production processes. This results in better quality and durability.

All our T-shirts have a GOTS label which guarantees that the cotton is organically grown and produced in an environmentally friendly way. They also have a Fair Wear label, this is important because by sustainable we do not only mean the impact on the environment but also on people, fair wages and good working conditions are a must.

We work with manufacturers that provide fair working conditions and pay fair wages to their employees. That is why we work with Stanley and Stella. They are a sustainable and ethical company. For more information on how they work, we refer to their website https://www.stanleystella.com/nl-be/.

At CASE, we strive for a circular approach to fashion, encouraging repair, reuse and recycling. Our shirts are carefully selected in second-hand shops and upcycled in our local Belgian artisanal workshop where everything is handmade. We add unique designer fabrics from Antwerp designers. 

Fast fashion will always be a no-go for us. We offer conscious choices that are respectful to people and the environment. By doing this we try to be as transparent as possible about our values, standards and production process, both for ourselves and for our customers.


Join our CASE towards a more sustainable future and discover our collections.