Our Values

In our mission towards sustainable fashion, we put three values at the core of what we do. We focus on Repair, Reuse and Recycle and want to encourage our consumers to do the same. 


In a world where fast fashion has become the norm, we aim to encourage our customers to cherish their clothing and extend its lifespan. When a garment gets damaged or worn, we encourage you to repair it and breathe new life into it. By embracing Repair, we can minimize our waste and reduce our environmental impact. That is why we give an extra pair of buttons and a piece of fabric with every purchase. That way, in case of damage, you can Repair your clothing without having to throw it away.


In the spirit of sustainability, we champion the concept of Reuse. Our upcycling approach allows us to transform pre-loved shirts into unique and fashionable pieces that make a statement. By selecting carefully from second-hand shops, we give old garments a chance to shine once again. Each upcycled creation carries a story, blending the history of its original garment with fresh designer fabrics to create something extraordinary.

Next to doing this ourselves we also want to encourage our customers into it. You can Reuse clothes by passing your clothes on or selling them to someone else or taking them to second-hand points. Thereby you extend the lifespan of your garment and reduce waste.


Recycling is not just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment to a circular fashion future. At CASE, we promote the responsible Recycling of materials to reduce our impact on the environment. We actively seek out eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics for our collections, ensuring that each piece is part of a sustainable fashion ecosystem. We also encourage our customers to participate in the recycling process. When a garment reaches the end of its life, we advocate responsible disposal by recycling or upcycling it once again.